Welcome Kaptena


We are happy to introduce you to our new network partner Kaptena!
Some of you might already have met Robert Persson from Kaptena at the recent Forum meetings and have had a chance to talk to him about the brilliant solution that Kaptena offers investors in early-stage and unlisted ventures.

Kaptena has developed a new Swedish ownership form for unlisted unqualified shares and securities. The ownership form is similar to an ISK, but basically, it is a Swedish capital insurance.

The ownership form means that profits, dividends and interest income are protected from 30 percent capital gains tax. Instead, a low annual tax is paid on the value of the shares. The tax is called a yield tax. This year it amounts to about 0,4 percent.

Now those who own unlisted shares and securities can choose whether they want to pay capital gains tax or yield tax. Previously, the benefits have only been available to those who invest in listed shares and securities.

The valuation takes place at least 4 times a year, every quarter.

Click this link to see more examples of situations when Kaptena is a great solution for your investment!