Ventures News from Emma Syring


During 2019, 42 unique ventures have presented at Keiretsu Forum Nordics.
Our Forum Meetings gather the most significant number of investors in the Nordic investment ecosystem; as a result, one out of four ventures receives funding. Since the network’s inception in 2016, Keiretsu Forum Nordics members have funded 39 ventures.

We are also proud to announce that 13% of our portfolio companies have made an IPO on the Swedish stock market. This year, two companies rang the bell; Adventure Box and Inzile. Except for these two companies, Inhalation Science, Raytelligence and Neodynimics, are listed on the Swedish stock market.

During this year, thirteen ventures have received funding from Keiretsu Forum Nordics network, and these are; ScientificMed, Doodlespot, WiralCam, Ztabler, Enliven, Neodynamics, Inzile, Ponture, GRC Watch, Näktergal, Ridesum, Viking Analytics, and PowerWoman. We are super excited and are looking forward to following the journey of these fantastic ventures! Please stay tuned for upcoming news about their progression.

At the moment, there are two on-going due diligence processes. Keiretsu Forum Nordics members are currently evaluating TADA Medical and Flax Innovation. Please contact me at if you are interested in receiving more information.

Happy Holidays to all of you!