Space trips entrepreneurs and world record adventurers to Expo 2020


Keiretsu Investor Capital Expo 2020 proudly presents keynote speakers Tina and Tom Sjögren! On January 23rd you’ll have the pleasure to listen to this adventurous couples’ exciting story about how to achieve “The 3 Poles Challenge”, starting a company to offer future space trips to Mars and – most important – never give up on your dreams however remote they seem to be.

Leaving on one untouched, “Mount Everest to Olympus Mons” presentation is transforming and change-inspiring. Spanning 500 years of exploration and science mixed with examples from Tina and Tom’s own expeditions, it details the progress of the Pythom Mars mission. Three times the height of Everest, Olympus Mons is the highest mountain in the solar system.

Explorers and entrepreneurs, Tina and Tom Sjögren built businesses in Europe and the United States. They were the first couple to reach the three Poles; South Pole, North Pole and Mount Everest, earning 4 Guinness World Records. Founded by the Sjögrens, Pythom Inc, based in the mountains of Sierra Nevada (CA) develops technology for human exploration of Space, with an expedition to Mars as the first target. NASA called Pythom space technology “very interesting and ambitious” and “fundamentally a good idea”. The US Department of Defense, DARPA, selected Eiger – Phytom’s orbital rocket – one of the 10 finalists in the DARPA Launch Challenge.
Tina and Tom were featured by CNN, New York Times, LA Times, The Times London, BBC, National Geographic, Scientific American, Wired Mag and many others.
The couple did keynote speeches for IBM, Ericsson Mobile Systems, Space organizations, and helped build team spirit in work groups with several Fortune 500 companies.